interface table other than ifTable fom MIB-2

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interface table other than ifTable fom MIB-2

Hello all,
I've a big problem to list an interface table that is not from MIB-2 ifTable with ifIndex.
Here is a short excerpt of the MIB:
vpnRouterInterfaceTable OBJECT-TYPE
       SYNTAX SEQUENCE OF VpnRouterInterfaceEntry
       MAX-ACCESS not-accessible
       STATUS current
         "The table holding information to each interface."
       ::= { vpnRouterInterfaces 2 }

vpnRouterInterfaceEntry OBJECT-TYPE
       SYNTAX VpnRouterInterfaceEntry
       MAX-ACCESS not-accessible
       STATUS current
         "The entry associated with each interface."
       INDEX {vpnRouterInterfaceIndex}
       ::= { vpnRouterInterfaceTable 1 }

VpnRouterInterfaceEntry ::= SEQUENCE {
    vpnRouterInterfaceIndex           Integer32,
    vpnRouterInterfaceName            DisplayString,
    vpnRouterInterfaceAdminStatus     Integer32,
    vpnRouterInterfaceOperativeStatus Integer32,
    vpnRouterInterfaceBandwidthToWan   Integer32,
    vpnRouterInterfaceBandwidthFromWan Integer32,
    vpnRouterInterfaceTrafficUp       Counter32,
    vpnRouterInterfaceTrafficDown     Counter32
How can I import this table under Node Interfaces and how can see if the interface is up or down, because AdminStatus and OperativeStatus has not the same OID as for the ifTable from MIB-2?
I know the snmp-interface-poller-configuration, but how can I customize it to use VpnRouterInterfaceEntry as ifTable and the the correct OID for AdminStatus and OperativeStatus.
Many thank in advance.