default data collection in Horizon 19.0.1

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default data collection in Horizon 19.0.1


    I installed net-snmp agent (5.7.3) on my openBSD device, and provisioned
it to openNMS Horizon 19.0.1 for a test. There is not any private mibs
installed on the device.
   After capturing all the SNMP traffic on the device, I found there are
many OIDs (almost 390 ) requested by openNMS. If we look at the default data
collection configuration file--datacollection-config.xml, we can find some
well-known vendors data group. In the captured SNMP traffic, I found the
following vendor data collection groups: bluecat, ericsson, zertico, zeus,
Dell, net-snmp(making sense).

    My question is:  all those vendors(bluecat, ericsson, zertico, zeus,
Dell) data groups are necessary?  can someone give some hints?


  Tim Liu

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