Upcoming Releases: PR Today for 19.1.0!

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Upcoming Releases: PR Today for 19.1.0!

Benjamin Reed
19.1.0: foundation-2017 PR merged by end-of-day today

The current plan is to release 19.1.0 on Monday.  If you have anything that needs to be targeted for immediate bugfixes, make sure you have made a pull request against foundation-2017, that it goes green in bamboo, and that it gets merged in time for having passed by Monday morning.  Ideally it should be merged by end-of-day today, but you have until the end of weekend for it to go green, be merged, and go green *again* in foundation-2017.  If foundation-2017 isn't green Monday morning, it will delay the release and it will be your fault.  ;)

20.0.0: foundation-2017 in the next month or so

Additionally, we have a number of potentially breaking things that we would like to merge to foundation-2017 before it becomes the base of Meridian 2017.  Thus, the plan is to make a 20.0.0 release (still based on foundation-2017, *not* develop) in the next month or so to get those changes out there so we have enough time to find and fix bugs before a fall Meridian 2017 release.

Meridian 2015.1.5 and Meridian 2016.1.5 soon

The 19.1.0 release will include small bug fixes targeted to current supported Meridian releases, so we are going to let those stew and then do new Meridian 2015 and 2016 releases shortly.

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