Upcoming Releases: 18.0.3 and 19.0.0

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Upcoming Releases: 18.0.3 and 19.0.0

Benjamin Reed
We are nearing a couple of milestones in the next few weeks and months,
and I wanted to give a heads up.

=== TL;DR ===

* 18.0.3 very soon.
* 19.0.0 getting a release branch and coming soon-ish.
* If you know of a bug or feature that needs attention that isn't already
  in-progress, please let us know and we'll evaluate it for the upcoming
* If you have code that you think should be going into either of these
  now's the time to speak up.  :)

=== 18.0.3 Imminent ===

18.0.3 is coming shortly, we only have a few issues left.

***Note*** There has been a regression in 18 that caused auto-discovered
nodes to go into a foreign source (named "default") rather than _no_
(null) foreign source.  18.0.3 will contain tools to help you manage
duplicate nodes and put things back the way they were, if you like.

=== 19.0.0 Feature Complete ===

19.0.0 is being declared feature-complete, barring the last few feature
merges that are already pending.  I will be creating a `release-19.0.0`
branch today, and we will be finishing out our remaining blockers over
the coming weeks.

If you have a test environment, now would be a great time to start
playing with `develop` snapshots, or `release-19.0.0` snapshots as soon
as they show up in yum and apt from our continuous integration builds
sometime later today.

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