This Week in OpenNMS: July 24th, 2017

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This Week in OpenNMS: July 24th, 2017

Benjamin Reed

It's time for This Week in OpenNMS! Last week we were at Dev-Jam, our annual developer conference hackathon.

Github Project Updates

  • Internals, APIs, and Documentation
  • Alejandro fixed a threading issue in Statsd.
  • Ronny did lots of work on converting documentation to be rendered by AsciiBinder
  • Jesse worked on APIs for handling merged datacollection configuration files
  • DJ did some cleanup of test infrastructure
  • Alejandro implemented alarm northbounders that can feed into BSF scripting or Drools
  • Seth worked on cleaning out a bunch of unused code
  • Antonio worked on fixing Enlinkd issues
  • Christian made a daemon that can trigger IFTTT webhooks from alarms
  • Ron fixed unicode handling in the Win32ServiceDetector
  • Alejandro worked on being able to reload drools configurations
  • Web and UI
  • Markus and Christian added new status views to the front page
  • Markus did more work on exposing web services through OSGi
  • Seth worked on a unified quick search for the web UI
  • Dustin did more work on the scriptable vertex handling for topology
  • I worked on making opennms.js work properly when pulled into node, and fixed generation of minified and un-minified code

Upcoming Events and Appearances

Until Next Week…

If there’s anything you’d like me to talk about in a future TWiO, or you just have a comment or criticism you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to [hidden email].

- Ben

Resolved Issues Since Last TWiO

  • NMS-4000: Sortable Service input fields
  • NMS-5833: Scheduled Outages Node Label Field Search is Case Sensitive
  • NMS-7408: Size of the search type in IP interface table is too small
  • NMS-8229: OpenNMS Starts and then stops
  • NMS-8686: grafana-opennms-datasource query returns incorrect values
  • NMS-9341: No class found exception in OSGi for org.osgi.service.jdbc.DataSourceFactory
  • NMS-9478: "query" parameter allows SQL injection
  • NMS-9514: Rename integration tests that are currently running as unit tests

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