Release notes for 19 reminder: Exponential Propagation Function

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Release notes for 19 reminder: Exponential Propagation Function

Ronny Trommer-3
Hi Guys,

Just FYI:

I knew we have added a new Reduce Function named "Exponential Propagation”. I’ve searched through Pull Requests for the feature, but didn't gave results. After a while digging in JIRA I found it and was named "Add BSM reduction function to better model clusters of servers/services”.

The feature needs to be manually added to the release notes for 19.

Additionally I’ve asked a few guys in IRC if they understand what you can do with this function, nobody understands the current documentation and what the real use case is. It seems to me the documentation requires a better use case example. Any ideas?

So far

What NetFlow Analyzer can do for you? Monitors network bandwidth and traffic
patterns at an interface-level. Reveals which users, apps, and protocols are
consuming the most bandwidth. Provides multi-vendor support for NetFlow,
J-Flow, sFlow and other flows. Make informed decisions using capacity
planning reports.
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