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Re: Help Regd POST/DELETE APIs for OpenNMS

suraj muthreja
Hi Team,

Any update here..
I am kind of stuck in the middle..

Appreciated any help here..

Suraj Muthreja.

On 06-Jun-2017 6:16 PM, "suraj muthreja" <[hidden email]> wrote:
Hi Team,

I am doing some hands on over OpenNMS. Need some information regd APIs call for POST/DELETE.
Where can I find the information that what parameters need to be send as part of POST/DELETE requests?

My use case is add a new Requisitions and then add new Node under that using API calls. I am able to add Nodes where I have Requisitions already created in OpenNMS.

I need to use REST API calls only for this use case. I know the procedure from UI but looking for some help on APIs.

Checked the link: . It gives example for adding node under existing Requisitions..

Checked the link: as well. It generally states that what calls are supported and what will be URL..
I am looking for the detailed information around all the POST/DELETE calls for APIs which are supported for OpenNMS. e.g. what values/parameters etc. are to be included for these calls.

Is there any Swagger documentation which I can refer?

Thanks for your support.

Suraj Muthreja.

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