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Proposal: Topology UX interface

Ronny Trommer-3
Hello world,

I’ve worked with a few tools and would like to publish a proposal about changing the way we display generic complex network topologies.
Instead of having a focus on icons representing a type of a network node, I would like change it to focus on representing monitoring information.

The draft is heavily inspired on an Open Source project called Meshviewer[1].
They have a lot of good ideas how to visualise large Wireless networks.
I’ve used a few ideas and combined them with more monitoring specific topics and added a context driven Level of Detail.
You find more detailed motivations and drafts on the Proposal page in the wiki[2].

I would suggest to use the “Discussion” page on the proposal page[1] to keep your feedback associated to the proposal. It would also be interesting if there are people out there who are interested to work or sponsor on this type of Topology UX project or is it just a nice to have for you and we can burn it without reading :)


gl & hf

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