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Tarus Balog
I hope everyone had a great holiday. I enjoyed it, but I did miss
getting a couple of gifts: two top-notch Java developers.

OpenNMS is hiring. In our quest to become the de facto network
management platform of choice, we've experienced an increased demand for
new features and we are now in a position to hire a couple of new
developers. We are are looking for both a senior and a more junior
person to join our close-knit team to make OpenNMS the best it can be.

If you are interested, you should have wicked Java skills and be able to
demonstrate how you've used them over the years. OpenNMS heavily
leverages the Spring Framework, as well as Hibernate, and we use Maven
to build it all. Other technologies we use are (but not limited to)
OSGi, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Jetty, JBoss, Vaadin and Karaf. Yes, we
like to play will all the new Java toys.

We also rely on junit tests, so knowledge of Agile methods such as test
driven development are a big plus. We are a network management solutions
company, so experience with similar products and things like SNMP is
valuable. Open source experience will earn you even more points.

For the senior position, you should have that and more (grin).

As one would expect with a job like this, we are looking for people used
to being self-directed - we have a pretty flat management structure.

Other things we have: a awesome team. You will be able to work in either
the Pittsboro, North Carolina office or the Marietta, Georgia office
with some of the best people in the business. OpenNMS has no outside
investment and we have an 8 year track record of 25%-40% year over year
revenue growth. Our business plan is "Spend Less Than You Earn". This
allows us to be focused on our customers, which are spread out over 25
countries, and our mission statement is "Help Customers, Have Fun, Make

Since we want our mission to be successful, we do try to take your mind
off the small stuff with full health benefits, profit sharing, a 401K
plan, and great holiday and vacation policies. We also don't scrimp on
computer equipment. While there are those of us who travel a lot, this
position will require minimal travel.

To help us in our quest to find the brightest and the best, we have
retained the services FORTUNE Personnel Consultants. If you are
interested, please contact David Cole at [hidden email] or +1
(919) 760 3016.

You can also check out and fix a bug or two.
That's always a good way to get our attention.

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