OpenNMS ignoring some snmp traps

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OpenNMS ignoring some snmp traps

Cyrille Bollu
Hi ,

I have 2 Juniper SA boxes, both configured to send snmp v2 traps to OpenNMS.
  1. Traps sent by one box are received on opennms' eth0 interface and are processed correctly.
  2. Traps sent by the other box are received on opennms' eth1 interface and aren't processed (not even a single line in trapd.log).

I've captured both traps using wireshark and can't see any obvious differences that could explain this difference in opennms' behavior.

Sole differences I can see for now are:

  1. both traps are received on different opennms interfaces;
  2. Traps from other hosts received on opennms' eth1 interface are processed correctly, but they are all version 1 traps though.

Does anybody have an idea of what can be going wrong here, or how to troubleshoot this issue (trapd log level already set to TRACE though)?



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