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OpenNMS 19 - OTRS unique alarmid

Steven Vacaroaia

I am still struggling configuring OpenNMS - OTRS integration due to lack of unique alarms 

I would really appreciate your guidance ( John, please send text( not HTML) based emails if you would like to , again, provide advice  ) 

It could be that I am approaching this project from a wrong angle so
here are the 2 scenarios 

1. When a node is down a ticket gets created 
   If issue is resolved, ticket is closed 
   If node is down again few minutes/hours later, no ticket get created since alarmrid is the same 
   ( see below excerpt from openNMS documentation  )

   How do I enforce creation of a  new alarm ? 
   Please note that I was unable to find a unique parameters that can be added to the reduction key 
    It was either "too unique i.e time" or not unique enough since it was the same device/node

"...The alarm writer now uses that key to determine if a previous event with the same reductionKey has already been converted to an alarm and inserted into the alarms table. If it has, it only updates the lastEventTime, lastEventID, and the counter columns. Otherwise, it inserts a new alarm. "

2. Instead of creating a new ticket for each alarm, update "closed" ticket 
   This approach might be acceptable but I was not able to make it working 
   How do you "reopen" an OTRS ticket from OpenNMS  ?


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