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marco correnti

I am a newbie on OpenNMS … I need to migrate from OpenNMS 1.12.8 + Ubuntu 14.04 LTS + Postgres 9.3.4-1 + Oracle 1.7.0_55/7u55 to OpenNMS 19.0.1-1 CentOS 7 + Postgres 9.6.2 + Oracle jdk 8u121.

I need to backup the configuration of the old installation and restore it in the new one, in particular :
Nodes/Requisitions àI have found that this is possible using the xml files located in $OPENNMS_HOME /etc/imports and putting them in $OPENNMS_HOME /etc/imports/pending and do a requisition sync.
SNMP Community Names by IP àI have seen that these information is stored in the file $OPENNMS_HOME /etc/snmp-config.xml ; is this file compatible between the two versions ? (it seems that for the SNMP version and IP port parameters there are some difference between them like the default used and so on .. )
SNMP Data Collection per Interface : I suppose that these data are stored on the Postgres DB isn’t it ?
SVG Maps (Network Topology Maps) : same as above

I don’t need to backup the statistic data like alarms/events/statistical-SNMP data/RRDs.
I have seen this wiki https://wiki.opennms.org/wiki/Upgrade_Guide:_1.12_to_1.14 but it seems to me that the answers to my questions are not present.

PS : which is the equivalent for the SVG maps in the ONMS 19 ?

Thanks in advance.


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