New event if after cleared the previous event

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New event if after cleared the previous event

Yolanda Santos
I have configured in Open NSM some events to be received from other apps.
I'm trying to configure the following scene, for example:

- The process 'PROC' is down, so my app send an event to Open NMS with Critical value: PROC is down
- In Open NMS, this event become and alarm after manage it, and the alarm id is: 15
- Our support team resolve the problem and start the process.
- A new event is sent to Open NMS, with the Normal status (I won't cleared it, because I want the alarm y    the database)

After 20 minutes,... the same process is down. A new event is sent to Open NMS.

But, when I check the console... I realize that the event id is the same for the same event: 15

What I want to get is that, after each Normal, I want a new event/alarm with a new id, because the events/alarms are differents... maybe the same problem, but in different moments.

How can I do it?

Is it a configuration problem?