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Link Availability Reporting

Christian Meutes
Hi club,

I have the demand to generate availability reports of circuits. Circuits in this context can mean EoSDH, Ethernet, IPoDWDM, Ethernet transported through unknown infrastructure / Metro things and EoMPLS. As such the variance of transmission infrastructure is quite high, so that we cannot solely depend on interface status to detect the availability of a circuit (link-loss forwarding is not guaranteed / no 100% transparency).

To detect the real availability of a circuit/link we need to implement some generic mechanism. I can basically only imagine mechanism like IPSLA, IGP link-state information, IGP-hellos or BFD beeing able to provide the necessary information for generating reports at the end of the month which can state total up/downtime of all link(s).

I had a look at the IPSLA poller which looked quite interesting. Then I had the idea of creating a node for each link and have only the IPSLA poller service run against those. This node would have a name like circuit-AMS-FRA-123 for example. But with that in place I would run sooner or later into the problem of a real outage of the node itself and *not* an outage of the monitored circuit, or into an reachability issue where OpenNMS  cannot access the node for whatever reason and would lead also to an outage of the circuit, which would obviously lead to wrong statistical data.

Do you guys have an idea how people implement link-availability within OpenNMS or how you would do that with keeping in mind that I need a report just of link-availability at the eom?


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