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Matthew Nichols
Is it possible to create a dashboard/table in OpenNMS that shows the latest statistics of many nodes (i.e. sysName, memTotalFree, etc)? Ideally the way this would work is each row would be a "site" (a collection of OpenNMS nodes) and the rows would be various SNMP/etc statistics about each one. Most columns would be collected from a single node but some would be all nodes (such as any current alarms in the group).

I've started experimenting with Grafana but it doesn't seem to be setup to do this (at least, the table panel isn't - I can get it to show only a single column per node/row and there doesn't seem to be a way to show the OpenNMS textual name with Grafana templates). I also don't see anything to suggest Grafana can display OpenNMS alarms.

Also the plan is that each "site" will have a minion.

Essentially it would look like this:

Site | Name    | Alarms                             | Mem | Cpu | etc
1    | Site #1 | OK                                 | 40% | 20%
2    | Site #2 | Network interface down on | 50% | 30%

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