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GitHub Pull Request Label

Ronny Trommer-3
Hello everyone,

I’ve seen some questions about the GitHub pull request labels. When we published the “Community Welcome Guide[1]" on the Wiki -> Community Welcome Guide

we described the usage of the Pull Request labels[2] there and reduced them a little bit. Without forcing to read the section there are two types:

One to filter for workflows to provide a filter to answering something like:

What are pull request which need a review ([3] review)?
What are the pull requests which can’t be merged caused they are failing, have discussion or need some additional work (triage [4])?
Which pull requests where by reason not merged (wont fix)?

The other type is by type to give some context, cause not everyone can review or help triaging on Pull Requests regarding configurations or refactorings in code. This type of filters give you a quick idea on which pull request you can probably help or have an opinion about.

If you would like to add, remove or change them, feel free and please update the “Pull Request Label” section in the Wiki page on “How to use it”. In case you are not able to change or you would like discuss labels get in contact on [hidden email].

Thank you in advance


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