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Demo and testing OpenNMS

Ronny Trommer-3
Hello world,

If someone is interested in to demo or test a specific OpenNMS version. I’ve enhanced the setup scripts a little bit. The demo environment does the following things

- OpenNMS Horizon, PostgreSQL
- Two networks which represent a scenario for a branch office with a Minion and a data center with OpenNMS Horizon, see screenshot attached
- OpenNMS Minion in the branch office
- Some services in each location which are monitored
- Graylog2 to which is used to get all logs from OpenNMS Horizon itself
- A script which does the initial configuration of OpenNMS Horizon and Minion to set it up
- A script which loads the nodes for monitoring all the things with requisitions and imports them and creates the topology

If you want to play around or would like to test some things, feel free to clone or fork in on github.

gl & hf


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