Can event translation help me?

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Can event translation help me?

Bill Nelson-2
As I posted yesterday (Calculation in events/notifications), I'm trying
to find a way to perform math on the values I get when a StrafePing
event is logged.  Currently the event sends time in what appears to be
microseconds and I want to display in miliseconds.  For example, I got
one notification stating the threshold of 65000 (65ms) was exceeded with
the measurement of 90996.65 (909ms or .9sec).  My boss commented it
would be nice if we could change the display to make it easier to read.

My goal is to take %parm[value]% (or %parm[threshold]% or %parm[rearm]%)
and divide it by 1000 to a precision of 1 decimal place and display that
as miliseconds.

While trying to solve this problem I came across event translation.  It
seems like that may be a possible place to find a solution since it
"provides the network management professional with the ability to
transform and enhance the data contained within OpenNMS events".  
Looking deeper I see "<value>" under "<assignment>" and was wondering if
there was a "type" where I could do the calculation I wanted.  
Unfortunately, I was unable to find any listing or reference on what
"types" were available or how to make them work.

So my questions are:
1. Can I do the math I want in event translation?
2. If yes, can someone give me an example of what that might look like?
3. Is there more documentation on translation-configuration.xml?

As always I appreciate any help you can provide!!!!

Bill Nelson
[hidden email]

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